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“Jim Lahti is one of the most in demand chamber music players, whose outstanding ensemble sense as a pianist is a reflection of his own distinct skills as a composer with an original voice. As a performer, composer and educator, he is a valuable and respected member of New York's musical community.” 

David Amram
Composer, New York

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“Jim Lahti is one of the most versatile and sensitive musicians that I know. He is a wonderfully gifted composer in a variety of styles, an outstanding pianist and chamber musician, and a skilled conductor and music director.” 

David Sloss 
Music Director and Conductor
Fremont Symphony and Artistic Director Fremont Opera
www.fremontsymphony.org and www.fremontopera.org

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"Jim Lahti's music brims with wit, intellect, sensitivity, and humanity. A true and unique voice shines in Jim's compositions."

George Preston
General Manager, Chicago radio station WFMT-FM

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“Having had the pleasure to sing Jim Lahti's spectacularly rich arrangements in a recent workshop production of a new musical, I can only cross my fingers and hope it will not be long before I get to sing his works again. For the numerous songs that made up this particular 'period' show, Jim brilliantly eased through many musical styles, layering in clever, humorous nuances wherever applicable, giving a fun and fresh approach to each tune. His unique talents made the songs gloriously delightful; the friendly wink of his arrangements kept us grinning throughout.”

Kelly Lester, Actress and Singer
Los Angeles, California

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“My main reason for deciding to program the Hart Crane songs was the fact that I personally believe they are Jim's best songs yet; they are sensitive, humorous, and the poetry and music have a depth that is genuine and touching. The three poems that Jim selected for the work are quite special and I think that when set to Jim’s music, they tell a compelling story.”

Song Cycle, Three Songs On Poems of Hart Crane.
Ellen Wieser (Soloist: Opera, Oratorio, Song Repertoire)

"... one can glean from his works list that musicals are very important to him as a genre, and this feeling of spontaneous, soul-searching monologue exists comfortably in these 19 movements that combine speech with music." " ...this piece is a refreshing and unique take on fascinating subject matter that has also held the gaze of so many composers of yesterday."

Albany Records 2019 - of death and the planets
​REVIEW BY: American Record Guide

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"Jim Lahti is a very experienced composer, and one worthy of broader awareness. His pieces are well constructed and orchestrated and have emotional content with which musicians and audiences connect."

​Delta David Gier
Conductor, South Dakota Symphony Orchestra
Assistant Conductor, New York Philharmonic